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Welcome to Podagogy.com
Where I explore the potential of podcasting, RSS, and other technologies for delivering instructional content and academic support.

Don’t you mean pedagogy?
Nope. By combining “podcasting” and pedagogy I’ve come up with podagogy. My initial intent for creating a “frankenword” like podagogy is to provide a term describing the act or practice of using podcasting to deliver instructional or academic support content in Higher Education and Online Education.

Purpose of this site
I started work on this site to satisfy my personal interest in podcasting. After several months I found myself deeply interested in the pedagogical potential of podcasting, and decided I would make this the topic of research for my dissertation.

I hope this site provides some useful information for those exploring podcasting as an educational tool. And, I hope you will share your perspectives and experiences with me as well.

n. 1. a portmanteau of the words podcasting and pedagogy. 2. The act or practice of delivering instructional content or academic support content via podcasting. 3. Result of Randy’s penchant for inventing new words.

Photo of Randy MeredithAbout Randy Meredith
I am the Director of the Office of Academic Technology (OAT) at Spring Arbor University. I am also a doctoral candidate working on his Ed.D. (online) at Regent University with a cognate in Distance Education.

I love all exploring instructional applications of technology, visual design, composing music using digital tools, teaching adults, podcasting, screencasting, etc.

My portfolio site: http://randym.podagogy.com
OAT Web site: http://www.arbor.edu/oat

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