Podagogy Continues to generate interest

On Saturday, December 1st, I had the privilege of presenting (via Elluminate) my podcasting model to a workshop at the ASCILITE 2007 Conference (ASCILTE = Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education).
This year’s conference was held in Singapore at the Nanyang Technological University. Because of the time difference I was presenting late at night (midnight-1:30 pm), while the conference attendees had just finished lunch.

My dear friend and colleague Allan Carrington was facilitating the workshop in Singapore. He coordinated the technology setup so I could interact not only with him, but also with all workshop attendees. As usual, Allan did a superb job pulling things together, in spite of a last minute Elluminate problem which he overcame with his usual aplomb.

I continue to be amazed with Elluminate‘s ability to enable people to overcome time and distance, and collaborate in meaningful and effective ways.

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