New Podcasting Studio

The Office of Academic Technology (OAT) is in the final stages of setting up a new podcast/vodcast recording studio. VP/CIO Dr. Reed Sheard is committed to podcasting as an educational strategy, and his support has made this wonderful new asset possible.
Compared to the TV studios in the Communications department this isn’t anything amazing. But, having 2 sound proof rooms which can function either as stand-alone recording studios, or as a control-room/studio combo. We have taken the approach of “simple is better”, and have implemented the least complicated approaches to audio and video recording.
Equipment for the recording studio includes 4 high-end Shure lavalier mics, 2 M-Audio studio mics, 1 M-Audio Mobile-Pre USB preamp, 2 Apple iMacs (22 inch), 1 Sony G3 digital video cam, and tripod with rolling dolly. We plan to do video recording directly to the iMac via firewire.
The room is outfitted with desks and storage units for the recording/control hardware, as well as 4 chairs and a table for group or panel interviews. A heavy black curtain acts as a standard video back drop, which also conceals a large green screen to enable the use of chromakey video recordings. The only things left to install is the video camera and firewire connections-we’re still waiting on delivery of those items.
There are several goals for creating this room: provide Spring Arbor University faculty assistance in developing podcasts and short videos, provide a location for creating high quality digital media for in-class and online learning.
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OAT Podcast Takes Off

Our podcast from the Office of Academic Technology (OAT) has finally gotten off the ground. We are now working on episode 5 with a handful more in the pipeline. Naturally, we started off talking about the educational benefits of podcasting (what else?), and will move to other emerging technologies as we proceed.

The first 4 podcasts are available in the player below. You can subscribe to the iTunes U podcast via this feed

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