Illussive Summer

Now that we are approaching the threshold of the Fall season in Michigan, I realize several months have gone by since my last post. And I have to say, this has been an unusually busy summer. Summertime at the university is generally a very active time for our department as many projects that cannot be started while students are on campus swing into high gear. Here is a partial list of the major projects undertaken (and hopefully completed) in the last few months:

  1. Upgrading to Blackboard Learning System 7.3
  2. Implementing the Blackboard Community System
  3. Implementing a building block integrating iTunes U into Blackboard.
    (With thanks to the good folks at Vanderbilt U who helped us with this)
  4. Obtaining and customizing the complete Blackboard Learning System training curriculum
  5. Obtaining and customizing the complete Blackboard Content System training curriculum
  6. Implementing Elluminate Live online conferencing system
  7. Implementing the Elluminate Live Blackboard building block which integrates access to Elluminate into Blackboard
  8. Conducting ongoing faculty orientation sessions on the use and potential of Elluminate
  9. Developing and rolling out a new web site for Academic Technology
  10. Developing and publishing a faculty training schedule for the Fall semester
  11. Stay on Blackboard’s case to get resolution on some 7.3 glitches

In addition, I had the privilege of presenting on Educational Podcasting to the Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Allan Carrington, my dear friend and colleague invited me to co-present with him during 4 separate sessions. Allan presented live at the conference, and I presented live via Elluminate. As characteristic when presenting across the date line, the folks at the conference were 1 day ahead and preparing for lunch, while at my house it was the night before, and I was preparing for bed. In any case, the presentations went very well, and seemed to be well received by the participants. You can view the slides from the presentation via this link.

Also, I created a new website which functions as an e-portfolio. Each invitation to present at a conference comes with a request for information about my self and my research interests. I finally got off dead center and built the site. It isn’t anything flashy, but at least I have a collection “stuff” to point to.

With Allan’s encouragement, I also started work on a rubric to evaluate podcasts based on my podagogy model. Now that I think about it, I should talk about this in a separate post. Perhaps I can get some useful feedback from readers.

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