Using Snapz Pro 10 for Podcasting

There are probably as many ways of creating a podcast as there are people interested in doing so. I can now add my experience in using a screen capture tool to adapt a flash-based presentation for podcasting.

Using Articulate Presenter 5.0, I created a learning object for an online faculty training course. If your are not familiar with Articulate products, they have a quasi-form based interface, and produce elegant flash-based learning objects. They are extremely easy to use. The only downside is their cost – VERY expensive.

Follow this link to view my original learning object.

I got the idea while attempting to turn an Elluminate Live session recording into a podcast – big Duh! Basically I used Snapz Pro X to capture a 640×480 version of the video and the audio track. Once captured, Snapz Pro saved the results as a QuickTime movie. Using QuickTime Pro, I converted the movie for viewing on an iPod (.m4v). The “podcast” version of the file can be viewed here. Be warned however – the file is about 7MB.

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