Podagogy gets a big boost – Hello iTunes U!

I received official notice from Apple, Inc. informing me that Spring Arbor University (my work place) has been accepted into Apple’s iTunes U program. This means a great deal to me and to the University.

Spring Arbor University (SAU) is privileged to be a part of the 100 or so colleges and universities participating in the program. It is nice to rub (virtual) elbows with leaders in the podcasting/coursecasting field like University of Michigan School of Dentistry (U of M), Duke University, Standford, and others. iTunes U will allow SAU to quickly implement a standardized platform for digital media distribution, and helps narrow the types of file formats we need to support.

From my point of view this is a great blessing. My plan for a podcasting research project this fall is receiving a lot of encouraging support from SAU, my doctoral advisor Dr. Jason Baker, and many others. Having an iTunes U site will allow me to implement the U of M’s podcast recording/publishing model. Of course, this means I now have a lot of work to do preparing the iTunes U site, training faculty and students, etc. I guess it’s time to review my project list and see what can be dropped from the list. Yeah, right. 🙂

Thanks Apple, Inc. for selecting SAU as an iTunes U participant. Now, on with the research!

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